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1.      Article wizards – the automated writers

Developing content has become a challenge. SEO criterions are changing regularly, and so is the demand for contents. Content developers are in high demand and fast methods are being adopted to replace human driven content development. Special software programs have been built that has the capacity to write an article on its own. Previously software related to content development had only the capacity to proof read a material. There were punctuation checkers, sentence checker and grammar checker of various types.

Sentence Checker

Now a new era is here, where content development is receiving a totally new form and definition. A grammar checker or a sentence checker is becoming obsolete because that is too less a thing. Modern article wizards have the capability to write a full content automatically without any manual help. You just need to supply a topic and some keywords, that’s it. The software automatically searches appropriate data and forms the content material based upon the directions in its inner algorithm.

Sentence Checker

The working principle is that simple. The only manual procedure is, after the wizard collects the data you will be prompted to select the text portion you recommend, and the rest shall be discarded. Article wizards have inbuilt auto correct tools that are present in English grammar checker softwares, like spell checker, grammar checker and sentence checker. Other than this, if you speak of originality in the wizard’s work; well there’s none. It is a plain copy-paste work, but it is efficient enough to pass the test at CopyScape.

Sentence Checker

Normally, after checking with common language checker tools like sentence checker and grammar checker, the wizard compositions pass without a scratch. They are quite readable too. Maybe they are not very high quality articles to be published in high profile magazines, but they are good to be worked as web fillers and informative articles.



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